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Nexergy to List on UK Stock Exchange

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Nexergy is the Green Smart Renewable Investment

Seize the opportunity to be part of a groundbreaking green energy investment with Nexergy.

As a rising leader in the industry, Nexergy is expected to go public as early as next autumn making it one of the most significant financial events of 2023. Market conditions will play a role in the timing, so don’t miss out on this investment. Connect with the right experts to stay informed and capitalize on this exciting opportunity.

Pre-ipo | round 2 starting soon


Second round of Pre-IPO sale – Starting 15th September – Ending 15th January

In response to exceptional market demand, Nexergy has announced the release of an additional 25 million shares, effective as of February 16th, 2023.

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Nexergy is committed to investing in energy and fossil resources to develop long-lasting and sustainable solutions.


IPO: Nexergy is planning to list on the U.K stock exchange.

We invite you to participate in our upcoming initial public offering.

Promising Investment: With its innovative approach and strong focus on sustainability, Nexergy is well-positioned to be one of the best investments of 2023.

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Nexergy IPO Best investment of 2023

What is Nexergy?

Our Mission

Nexergy IPO Best investment of 2023

Nexergy Holding PLC is a forward-thinking investment company that aims to acquire companies and cutting-edge technologies in the field of environmentally sustainable energy and fuel production.


Nexergy IPO Best investment of 2023

Our goal is to not only acquire new assets, but to establish ourselves as a leading participant in the energy market in Britain and Europe. 

By leveraging our cutting-edge technologies and innovative strategies, we seek to increase self-reliance in these regions, reducing dependence on external sources for energy and fuel production. This approach not only supports the development of local economies, but also has the potential to drive down prices for energy and fuel, ensuring more affordable access to these essential resources for people across the region.

Our goal

Nexergy IPO Best investment of 2023

Nexergy is committed to becoming a trusted partner for the people of Britain and Europe in the energy sector of tomorrow. We aim to provide innovative and sustainable solutions with focus on cutting-edge technologies to meet the specific needs of the communities we serve. We strive to be well-positioned, drive positive change, and make a significant impact on the energy landscape of the future by delivering dependable and sustainable energy solutions.

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Shares in Nexergy

Nexergy IPO Best investment of 2023

600.000.000 shares are available for issuance by the company, as determined by the board and the company’s major shareholders. During the pre-IPO phase, 50.000.000 shares are expected to be made available to the public.

Subscription period

Nexergy IPO Best investment of 2023

The first subscription period for shares will be open from November 1st, 2022, to July 1st, 2023.

The Company’s Board retains the right to extend the subscription period as needed. Once the subscription period has commenced, it cannot be interrupted.

Nexergy IPO Logo



Nexergy Investing IPO pre

Steven Goodwin

Director of Nexergy

” Esteemed investors and visionary entrepreneurs, I invite you to join the movement towards a transformative shift in the European energy industry. Embrace the opportunity to contribute to the creation of what will hopefully be one of the largest alternative electricity plant in Europe and play a crucial role in achieving energy independence for the continent. “

Why is Nexergy a great investment?

The early bird gets the worm

As Europe moves towards a more sustainable and self-reliant energy future, Nexergy is poised to become a prominent player in the clean energy sector.

With funding, in its early stages, investors have a unique opportunity to enter the market and reap significant rewards once the company goes public. By supporting Nexergy’s mission to contribute to a cleaner environment and drive meaningful change in the European energy landscape, investors like you have the opportunity to make a positive impact while also benefiting from potentially substantial gains.

The Case for Energy Investments in 2023

As we head towards a cold winter, energy prices are expected to rise significantly, with experts predicting an increase of between 120% to 180%.

The S&P 500 energy sector has already seen growth of around 46% this year, reflecting the strong demand for energy in the market.

It is likely that energy usage will continue to increase as the global population grows, creating potential investment opportunities in the energy sector. With the ongoing turmoil in Eastern Europe energy prices are expected to remain high, leading the sector to widely be considered a low risk and high reward investment in 2023.

Invest both smart and green in Nexergy’s upcoming IPO.

Nexergy IPO Best investment of 2023

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